Creative Paris aquired by Insight Cosmetics - the new exclusive CND™ distributor in France

We are very pleased to announce, that Insight Cosmetics enters the French market by acquiring Creative Paris, exclusive distributor of CND™ and CND SHELLAC™ in France.

ocusing on education, knowledge sharing and in-salon marketing, being partner with CND and Revlon for 2 decades, Insight Cosmetics is one of the largest distributors of professional nail products and education in Northern & Western Europe, with offices and academies across 10 countries. 

We just opened our new office in Paris from where we will service French beauty professionals with knowledge, passion & great techniques. You can read the full press release here

If you have a current account with Creative Paris, the account has been transferred to Insight Cosmetics, but will require a new login to our eShop (please use form below to request login). Most conditions will be the same, but prices maybe a little lower than previously (please check yourself after getting login).

Philippine Ramaherison, that you might know from Creative Paris, will continue to service you togehter with a new team of passionate nail professionals.

For more details, please read more here:

An important part of our DNA is to deliver Excellent Service to each customer in every situation, and to share Knowledge, Passion & Great Techniques ongoing, through elevated education online and offline.

During the comming months we are building up our team in France. Our ultimate goal is to earn your warm recommendation, which we promise we never will stop working on.

Best regards,

Mina & Nis Lorenzen
Owners of Insight Cosmetics

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I order from Creative Paris / Insight Cosmetics?
You can call us on phone xxx, send us an email on yyy or request a login to our eShop by clicking here.

What happens to an old open order from Creative Paris?
Any open orders created with Creative Paris before April 1st 2023 will NOT be served by us. In this case, please get in contact with Expansion International, the previous owner of Creative Paris.

Will the prices increase?
It's our intention to stay competitive so you will most likely not see any price increases for now. Actually, you will probably see a 10 - 15% price decrease, but request your login and check it out yourself. We hope you will be positively surprised.

I have questions, how can I contact you?
Click here to see all our contact options. We are available Mon-Thu 8:30-17:00 and Fri 8:30-16:00 on phone, email and chat.

I have older open affairs with Creative Paris. How can I settle them?
For any affairs older than April 1st 2023 or made directly with Expansion International, the former owner of Creative Paris, please reach out directly to Expansion International.

Will my old login from Creative Paris still work at Insight Cosmetics?
No, but you can easily request a new login here.

I was not a customer at Creative Paris, can I become a customer at Insight Cosmetics?
Sure, if you meet the criterias and work professionally or semi-professional in the beauty industry, just fill in the registration form

Do you carry other brands than CND™?
Yes, plenty. Just scroll through our webshop to explore products from Lecenté™, Light Elegance™, Nail Diva™, Yours:cosmetics™, Mineralogie™ and more. 

What options for shipping do you offer?
We offer free shipping from 70 EUR. Below that shipping is 5,75 EUR. Please allow 2-4 days delivery time, as we deliver from central warehouse to avoid backorders.

How long does it take until I get my order?
We usually ship orders that you place before 15:00 the same day. As soon as order is picked you will receive Track & Trace link. Please allow 2-4 business days for parcel to arrive. 

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