Spring Fever


1. Apply SHELLAC™ Lady Lilly and cure.


2. Press Lecenté Bright Gold Foil onto the cured surface.


3. Paint a vertical area slightly on top of the foil with SHELLAC™ Chance Taker and another one on the base of the nail with SHELLAC™ Smile Maker. Cure.

Kirsi Karvinen
Brand Ambassador
Kirsi Karvinen is a talented CND Brand Ambassador, nail artist and educator. Kirsi is an efficient trainer who has a gift of making people laugh.


4. Add two more vertical areas with SHELLAC™ Magical Topiary and with Carnation Bliss. Cure.


5. Add one more area with SHELLAC™ Smile Maker onto the tip of the nail. Cure.


6. Paint black swirls with a striping brush and SHELLAC™ Black Pool. Make some parts of the swirl thinner. Cure. Finish with SHELLAC™ Top Coat and cure.




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