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The most sold salon service worldwide!


Enhancements have never been that easy!

Light Elegance™

Thinner and stronger nails than you ever dreamed of.

Famous Names

The perfect addition to any gel polish treatment!


Nailart is a great way to express your creativity and boost your business. But it can be a huge world - get help here!

Perron Rigot™

Perron Rigot™ - The world's largest professional brand for waxing and sugaring

Nimue Skin Technology

Nimue is a derma-cosmeceutical skincare brand for professional treatments, complemented by home care that ensures visible results.

Comfort Zone

[Comfort Zone] philosophy is conscious skin science. SKIN is our focus. SCIENCE is our guide. SOUL makes our offer unique.

Skin Regimen

/Skin Regimen/ Potent formulas to combat accelerated aging from stress and pollution. Fast living – slow aging.


Discover Darphin – a botanical source for advanced kinesio massage treatments and pure plant essence formulations to unleash a force for beauty.

Nordic Superfoods

Nordic Superfood develops tasty products that contain the world's highest levels of antioxidants, dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins and protein.


Do you have expert questions about skin and skin care? Here you will find in-depth articles on the most common skin problems and solutions.

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