Step-by-step: How do I perform a strip wax treatment?

Step-by-step instructions for an successful strip wax treatment with Perron Rigot™

Strip Wax

Advantages: It is applied in thin layers, which reduces product consumption. Strip Wax is considered a fast method of hair removal, as it does not dry and can be applied to large areas.

Requirements: Strip Wax is not an all-around wax, but it does provide a time-saving waxing method. Removal is done with special fleece or cotton strips.

Heating Instructions: Place the container in the wax heater and allow the strip wax to melt until it takes on a creamy consistency. Then keep the wax at medium temperature and test it on the inside of your forearm before applying.

Step 1 - Purifying Blue Lotion


Astringent, cleansing and refreshing lotion for use before and after waxing. Main ingredients are cornflower water and antibacterial and repairing dragon's blood extract. Apply 1-2 pumpfuls of Blue Lotion on a cloth. Clean the area of the body to be treated with it against the direction of growth, so that the hair stands up.

Step 2 - Pre&Post Jasmin Oil


Soothing, moisturizing and nourishing oil. Main ingredients are mineral oil, cottonseed oil and jasmine fragrance. Apply before treatment to moisturize and nourish the skin.

Use only one drop of Jasmine Oil! Note: Jasmine oil is important component of the treatment. It makes waxing more comfortable and painless for your clients. However, if too much oil is used, the wax will not adhere properly to the skin later. Gently massage into the skin.

Step 3 - Apply Strip Wax


Use a wooden spatula to take out the right amount of wax. You need about 50% less product than other brands!

Then apply the wax to the skin in very thin layers and in the direction of growth. Hold the spatula at a slight angle when doing this (see illustration).

Note that Perron Rigot™ waxes can be applied very thinly.

Step 4 - Remove Strip Wax


Place a fleece strip on the wax and press it firmly and evenly with the palm of your hand. Pull off the strip with the wax against the direction of hair growth.  Pull the wax off close to the skin surface. Do not pull the wax upwards!

Step 5 - Aftercare


Apply 1-2 pumpfuls of Blue Lotion to a cloth. Clean the depilated body area with it.

Apply a little jasmine oil on a cloth. Gently massage into the skin to remove wax residue.


Trin 5 - Refreshing Gel


Soothes and refreshes the skin after treatment. Refreshing Gel has a very fluid and light texture. Active ingredients: Honey extract, vine leaf extract and menthol.

Apply a small amount of Refreshing Gel in the hand or optionally on the back of the hand (glove). Gently massage into the skin. Refreshes, soothes and moisturizes the skin.

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